Kingdom Dominion International Fellowship of Pastors and Churches

Kingdom Dominion International Fellowship of Pastors and Churches

Certificate of Episcopal Election

Unto all to whom these presents shall come:
By the Grace of Almighty God, and with an eye, single to his glory.
The Leaders of the Fellowship of Pastors and Churches of Kingdom Dominion International Inc. met in Joint Conclave with the Board of Pastors of the Church to elect
Kevin N. Williams
True Praise Family Worship Center

To the Episcopal Office of Overseer in the Lord’s Church
Our election of this man results from our having heard testimony, witnessed his life and ministry and having received the report of his appointment to the Episcopacy by the Presiding Bishop of the Church, Bishop Keith Young Sr. his obedience to his Superiors and faithfulness to Christ in this reformation. The Kingdom Dominion International Inc. in the month of March Two Thousand Fourteen moved us to support his appointment by unanimous election. Our signature attest to our presence and approval of his appointment  and we call upon the faithful to esteem him very highly in the Lord and we support the Consecrators in their warrant to set him aside as Overseer in March Two Thousand and
Fourteen, Year of our Lord, Anno Domini
Done in Hollywood, Fl. United States of America


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Kingdom Central International

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Central Faith Mission Ministry

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